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Successful organizations constantly change the way they organize and motivate their people. Aside from money, employees value Growth, Work-Life-Balance, Respect, and a Sense of Purpose. A foundation is needed to manage basic strategies, e.g. common vision, clear communication, creating new opportunities, feedback, and celebrating successes that over time lead to higher motivation.


Happy employees equals lower attrition and lower costs to your organization.


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Welcome to SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc.

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SunFish DataOn is the leading provider of cutting edge Human Resource technology solutions in the Philippines and ASEAN. The SunFish product line is used by thousands of companies in the Asia Pacific region. SunFish is available as a SaaS cloud solution, or as on-premise licensed solution. It is comprehensive, customisable and typically competes with the top tier international HCM software providers at a far more competitive price point.


We are NOT offering you a payroll/attendance system with a few Third Party addons.  Our solution is a Full Suite of HCM Tools fully designed and supported by us, since 1999, that you can select from to take your Enterprise to the next level!







Solutions for Your Business to grow

HR Management
SunFish HR integrates comprehensive employee data in our award winning web application based on solid, audited security and flexible workflows.
Payroll, Time & Scheduling Management
Automate your scheduling, attendance tracking and payroll processing with high efficiency and accuracy.
Talent Management
Align employee KPI’s, competency with better communication and ensure ongoing development with training, e-learning, career planning and talent acquisition.
Managed Payroll Service
Join our growing number of clients for whom we do a fully Managed Payroll Service using our Internationaly renown SunFish Payroll Engine
Change Management Service
Our research-based change management solutions are desined to build individual competencies and organizational capabilities for progressive companies. We leverage two decades of research and practical implementation to manage change and maximize your organization’s performance.

And much more, such as Recruitment, Analytics, Learning, etc

Mobile Application
An engaging mobile experience for employees’ HR interactions.  This will improve communication and adoption of self service functions thus driving engagement, productivity and innovation.

Intelligent Temperature Biometrics


Time and Attendance Device with full Temperature Sensing and Facial Recognition Software included!

Not just an ordinary biometric hardware device, it comes with a comprehensive software program to support your HRIS, Employee and also Visitor safety.

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Engage Your Employees

SunFish provides the technology that allows companies to communicate better with their employees while providing all the tools that they need to develop their careers successfully.

Drive Performance

SunFish supports the clear communication of targets and provides for frequent feedback to allow employees to demonstrate their excellence.



GreatDay HR

(Formerly SunFish Go but now enhanced.)

We use our GreatDay HR Mobile App to allow employees to complete SunFish ESS tasks wherever they are and to also stay in constant communication with their HR and co-workers etc.


All the ESS functions you will ever need are available on this fantastic Mobile App, from Leave application, Approvals, reimbursement of expenses, etc.


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