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SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc.

SunFish DataOn Philippines can offer you a fully managed payroll service!  This service can be for just your Philippine operations or if required, your ASEAN operations.  As SunFish is ASEAN’s best selling HCM system with a fully localized payroll, you can be confident of your payroll being accurate and on time. 

We maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of labour and employment laws.  This will ensure your business is aware and compliant at all times.

You will  join the many small, medium and large companies who use the SunFish Payroll Service.  Our teams support clients who are national and international with our payroll delivery service. 

SunFish Managed Payroll comes with a real difference and that difference is our people. Of course we offer low cost, guarantees and service excellence with our SunFish Payroll engine and GreatDayHR app, but it is really our team that makes the difference.

Our Mission

Create and implement the best software solutions for our customers in a way that has the most positive impact on their unique organization.

Our Vision

Our vision is to drive real business evolution with real solutions for organizations in ASEAN and worldwide.

Our Values

Trust Partnerships Innovation Ownership Integrity

Our Vision and Our Mission are great, but it is our Values that binds us with our customers and our own goals.

Our Journey

Since 1999, DataOn with its SunFish product line, delivered powerful, sophisticated solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM), to hundreds of companies worldwide to allow uncomplicated, location and time zone spanning cooperation between customers, partners and employees and optimize all core processes that are crucial to success.

In 2018 after witnessing the tremendous uptake of SunFish HCM in the Philippines, we started this company, SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. to support these and new companies who have started on this exciting and progressive journey with us.

We have appointed Ms. Sri Coles, who has a deep domain HR expertise with more then 20 years in multi national and local companies as the CEO to ensure that our Values, Vision and Mission are fully met.

This means we understand the needs of HR Departments and we make our software work to fulfill the needs of an organization’s HR Department and not the other way around.  This claim is supported by our more than 240 developers in ASEAN who are continually enhancing this program.

SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. is fast becoming the company with the right ideals and programs for those companies who want a partner to join with their HR and IT departments on this incredible journey.

Our SunFish Certified Filipino staff are the backbone of our organization and provide the SalesImplementation and Support for our SunFish HRIS client base here in the Philippines.

Check out some of the reasons you should consider SunFish  for your HCM!