SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc

SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc.

Since 1999, DataOn with its SunFish product line, delivered powerful, sophisticated solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM), to hundreds of companies worldwide to allow uncomplicated, location and time zone spanning cooperation between customers, partners and employees and optimize all core processes that are crucial to success.

In 2018 after witnessing the tremendous uptake of SunFish HCM in the Philippines, we started this company, SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. to support these and new companies who have started on this exciting and progressive journey with us.


We have appointed Ms. Sri Coles, who has a deep domain HR expertise with more then 20 years in multi national and local companies as the CEO to ensure that our Values, Vision and Mission are fully met.

This means we understand the needs of HR Departments and we make our software work to fulfill the needs of an organization’s HR Department and not the other way around.  This claim is supported by our more than 240 developers in ASEAN who are continually enhancing this program.


SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. is fast becoming the company with the right ideals and programs for those companies who want a partner to join with their HR and IT departments on this incredible journey.

Our SunFish Certified Filipino staff are the backbone of our organization and provide the SalesImplementation and Support for our SunFish HRIS client base here in the Philippines.


In 2003

Humanica Public Company Limited was formed in 2003 when PricewaterhouseCoopers Thailand (PwC) made a decision to discontinue services relating to software design and implementation, IT, and Business Process Outsourcing.

Soonthorn Dentham, who held the position of the lead partner of PwC Risk Management Service at the time, had decided to set up a Humanica as a separate legal entity to carry on those businesses.
During this transition the service team, including necessary operating assets, intellectual properties and a number of experienced staff, transferred to Humanica Limited.

In 2005

Humanica believed in the ability of new technologies supporting automation and improving business efficiency and in 2005 released the first version of the Humatrix HCM platform. Humatrix continued development through multiple versions to become a leading solution in Southeast Asia.

In 2017

Humanica was listed under the code HUMAN on the stock exchange of Thailand. By 2017, Humanica has expanded operations from Thailand to open Humanica Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore and Humanica Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.

In 2018 – 2021

In 2018 established Humanca FAS to support customers accounting outsourcing needs. In 2019 acquired TigerSoft, the leading provider of SME HR solutions in Thailand. In and in 2020 launched Benix to provide organizations with flexible benefits management and insurance solutions.

In 2022

Humanica merged with the DataOn business group, Indonesia’s No. 1 HR Tech provider, combining over 20 years of HR technology expertise. With DataOn experience in Asia Market, Humanica provides services to more than 5,000 customers, representing over 2 million employees in total. DataOn, founded in 1999 by Gordon Enns and Casey Kim develops the SunFish HR applications, the most widely used solution in Indonesia and with customers throughout Southeast Asia.

In late 2022

Humanica released Workplaze as its flagship HCM solution. Workplaze is based on leading Humatrix and SunFish HCM solutions from both Humanic and DataOn and uses the latest technology to deliver comprehensive HCM functionality with a focus on user experience.


Humanica and its subsiduaries services customers throughout Southeast Asia and beyond from eight regional offices with over 1000 employees of which more than 500 are technical experts. Humanica provides the leading technology solution for organizations of all sizes and supports customers with a complete range of services in payroll outsourcing, technology implementation and consulting.

We train, certify and employ local people in each of the countries we operate in to make your journey that much easier.

At Humanica we believe in adding sustainable business value to our customers by bringing them consistently evolving technologies that enhance their business and complementing these and ecosystem of services to support their journey into the future of work.