SunFish HR: Advanced Analytics

Know your Business

SunFish incorporates data warehousing technology that provides authorized users at every organizational level with great flexibility to define scope and content queries which can span hundreds of operational processes and transactions to satisfy their information needs, not just for complex data queries, but also for getting quick, coherent and insightful information.

Advanced Report Builder

With the SunFish Advanced Report Builder, you can extract data from many sources. With this, you can get analytics to work for your company. Display data collected in many different formats and also have the ability to download this data. See some very advanced features that are ready for the next step to AI.

Allowing the combination of data from different sources such as performance, employee, payroll, recruitment, etc. users can quickly answer basic, yet essential questions such as:

How to hold on to exceptional performers?

Which retention program is the most likely to be successful?

Which employees have the highest risk of leaving and how does it impact the company?

What is our ‘new hire’ failure factor?

How satisfied are we with the performance of newly hired employees’ vs their cost of recruitment?

What is the high performer growth rate?

Is there a correlation between speed of promotion and employee motivation?

Presenting the vast amount of operational data in an actionable, easy-to-understand format, the data warehouse reveals current and long-term trends, highlights problems, indicates opportunities, and ultimately gives users the information that is critical to understanding HR conditions and successfully aligning HR strategies with business objectives.