Advantages of Recruiting a Fresh Graduate

Recruiting a Fresh Graduate (FG) in the world of work has many pros and cons. For HR and companies, there are several considerations when recruiting FGs. The FGs are considered to have strength because they are still eager to step into the world of work. On the other hand, they are also considered as people who like to move from one company to another, so that the company / HR is having difficulty to consider whether to select an FG. Generally, there are 5 strengths possessed by FGs:

1. Can be Easily Developed

The FG tends to be easily developed and trained. One of the reasons is because entering the world of work is a new thing for them as they do not have work experiences. The experience they can rely on is only the theory they have learned in their educational institution. However, this has become one of the company’s advantages. The FGs are still easy to develop soft-skills and to fit the company’s vision and mission. When the company goals can be the employee goals, productivity will increase.

2. Loyalty

Some people might wonder, “How can you guarantee that a fresh graduate is loyal? Since some of them really like to move around from one company to another” So, the level of loyalty here is loyalty for the first place of work. The FG will normally exert all their energies to produce maximum results in the first company where they were placed. They will normally work with a high level of productivity because for them, the first company is somewhere to be proud of and to work with wholeheartedly. The first company is also very decisive in their CV. We may say the loyalty itself is something as a steppingstone to the next company.

3. High Willingness to Learn

Because they have just graduated, the FGs have a high willingness to learn. They will be excited when they step into the world of work. A high level of curiosity makes them not afraid to try new things and to ask a bunch of questions. They will not be afraid of being wrong because they are still in the process of learning and adapting themselves to the world of work. Companies, especially HR must provide training both online and offline to meet the learning desires of the FGs to improve their skills so that it will give an impact on the level of work productivity.

4. Dare to Take Risks

Risk is something that is feared by some employees. However, for the FGs, of course, the risk is considered as a challenge in working. In carrying out every task of the company, the FGs have strong ambitions and are also determined. They will try as hard as possible in completing the task, they aim to get achievements in the company. Even if they experience failure in carrying out their duties, they will learn a lot from that for their further assignments.

5. Strong Understanding of Technology

Of course, today’s FGs knows technology very well. Every aspect of their lives has relied on technology, especially gadgets. The digital world / social media is their domain. With technology, they can gather information to support their work, and technology is used as a realm of communication for workflows with other employees. The key of the FGs in understanding technology is curiosity and can include foreign language skills.

Well, we have already mentioned the 5 advantages of recruiting fresh graduates in a company. Every advantage these FGs bring, can be utilized by HR to increase the work productivity of other employees, so that the company’s vision and mission or goals are easier to achieve.

The energy and enthusiasm they bring to the organization will help bring vibrancy and motivation to all team members!