Analytics HR SaaS

“What gets measured, gets managed; What gets managed, gets executed.” – Peter Drucker, Educator

To do so companies need effective tools to organize and process the data available in their systems to reveal useful information and analysis of the aspects that impact their bottom line. When the collected data is organized and processed in ways only an intelligent system can, the possibilities are remarkable. Real-time visibility and cross-functional sharing of data, where appropriate, improves the company’s ability to investigate problems, plan accurately, control costs, and make effective changes and improvements.

Therefore, SunFish is equipped with powerful business intelligence tools. A large number of reports, customizable dashboard trackers, alerts, reminders, KPIs, frequency and cumulative distribution, graphical analysis, and drillable data to not only give companies a clear picture of its operational performance but also meets all their reporting and ad hoc analytic needs.

Using metric types such as percentages, ratios, compositions, indexing, volume, cost, time, quality companies gain valuable insight into workforce trends. This data allows them to device strategies to minimize the risk of too high costs of attrition, poor hiring, sub-optimal compensation, uneffective training and learning strategies amoung others.

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