SunFish Workplaze Analytics & Reporting

Generate, analyze and glean workforce insights from real-time people data

Collecting the right data is only half of the battle. Organizing and processing the data to reveal useful information and analysis of the aspects that impact your bottom line is the other half. Real-time visibility and cross-functional sharing of data, where appropriate, improves the company’s ability to serve employees, managers, leaders, and customers, control costs, investigate problems, plan accurately, and make effective changes and improvements.

Generate AD HOC Reports

Include Smart Alert

Report Writer

in-Page/App Analytics


Multiple Ways to Analyze

Comprehensive Reporting

Predictive Analysis

Access and share data organization wide with dashboards, analytics & ad hoc reports

Create custom reports and organization- specific queries.

  • Access quantitative information on multiple facets of employee and HR data.
  • Integrated report writer to allow easier report creation and distribution while overcoming the limitations and complexity of using third party reporting tools in the cloud.
  • Create custom dashboards through ‘software customisation’ option.

Quick glance of HR related stats & insights

  • Right insight for the right people at the right time.
  • Actionable workforce insight.
  • ESS/ MSS access.
  • 50+ dashboards to view and analyze the workforce metrics.
  • Generate over 100 out-of-box reports.
  • Reliable data foundation and security.
“We have good experience working with our designated account handler and payroll associate. Our payroll processor delivers payroll in a timely manner.”

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