SunFish HR: Benefits Administration

SunFish HR streamlines the entire compensation process while being able to accommodate 3rd level payroll sources such as insurance, benefits calculation for overtime hours worked, reimbursement for expenses, and loan payments. Moreover, it integrates tools that simplify tax filing, government reporting, bank transfers, and pay slips. Its Benefits Management comprises Modules: Payroll/ Tax, Reimbursement, and Loans.

A. Payroll

SunFish HR boasts a powerful Payroll Module that can handle the largest multi-national corporations. Powered by highly flexible technology that accommodates virtually every imaginable payroll-related scenario, this module is quite simply the bedrock of SunFish HR.

Payroll processing is fundamental yet time-consuming to any organization. Employees take it for granted that their pay will arrive as promised and on time. Delayed or inaccurate pay can be detrimental to the morale of the employee and adversely affect their productivity.

SunFish simplifies the payroll process by addressing every aspect of the calculation. Numerous adjustments can be accommodated for internal deductions such as employee loans and third-party deductions such as insurance, allowances, multiple overtime schemes, various reimbursements schedules, and multiple jurisdiction tax calculations as well as multiple currencies. Also included are integrated tools for government filings including taxes, bank transfers, payroll planning, and reports for review and analysis.

Automated processing makes it possible to implement an increasingly complex compensation matrix providing the management the option of using delicately engineered pay components as a motivator toward performance or talent development goals

B. Tax

Country-specific tax includes the ability to calculate payroll taxes and other government-mandated deductions automatically according to the local tax regulation and to produce the required government forms or mandated electronic interfaces specific to that country. To calculate the government reporting, the system integrates Payroll Calculators for different types of income taxes. For Indonesia the solution includes SPT reports Form 1721 – I, Form SPT Masa, Form 1721 – A1, Tax Receipt Final and Non-Final, SSP Form Report as well as other reports for BPJS, Jamsostek, and Income Taxes.

Aside from Indonesia, SunFish has also been localized to meet legal requirements for payroll, tax calculation, and government reporting for Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore.


SunFish HR provides flexible configuration options for availability, approval workflows, and various limit types that are combined with analysis tools and work seamlessly with other modules such as payroll. Employees can track the balances of their various entitlements and request travel expenses, medical benefits, or any other kind of reimbursement type available to them or their family members while always being compliant with the company’s policies. While authorized users may adjust reimbursement rules from time to time as policy changes occur.

Payments can be included with the regular payroll cycle and appear on the employees’ pay slips, or run as a separate process more frequently. A wide variety of reports summarizing spending data and showing potential approval or processing bottlenecks complete the module.

D. Loans

Authorized users can set up different loan programs and rules for lending and make them available to employees following specific parameters such as maximum loan amount, length of the program, minimum and maximum installments, interest, etc.

Depending on availability, employees can request these loans, and will always be in line with the company policy. Once approved the system automatically handles the calculation of loan installments based on current rates and valid loan types and processes the monthly payments. Those can be integrated with the payroll system to provide better loan control. Loan balances are refreshed after each payment, so employees always know what has been paid and what is still outstanding. Various reports and a dashboard round out the module and ensure tracking and analysis of loan spending and costs.

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