Confused about How to Choose the Right HRIS?

No Biggie! Here Are some Tips!

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be an In House or Saas Online Solution Software that provides a centralized repository of employee databases that the Human Resources (HR) needs for performing core processes. HRIS provides efficiency by improving and automating the HR processes of your company.

During this pandemic period and going onto the New Normal, it is certainly essential to invest in an HRIS that will help the company and employees’ performances be more effective and efficient.

Choosing the right HRIS for your company could be challenging and confusing as this would be a long-term investment of the company. Then, how to choose the right HRIS?

Here are some tips for your company to consider when scouting suitable HRIS:

Make sure the features and modules suit the company needs.

One of the critical factors you should consider is your company HR’s pain points that you want to resolve. Identify all the areas and/or processes you need to improve or automate.

Make sure that the HRIS you chose has the ability and functions to fully support an office-based staff and a Work From Home environment.  In this New Normal the more functions to support WFH the better.

When exploring, you must know the features and functions of the HRIS systems you are eyeing. Choose an HRIS system that has the complete features or the one that can address your challenges in different HR areas. Do simple research by trying the FREE demo of each HRIS and do the comparison.

As a software provider company, DataOn has an HRIS product known as SunFish HR. SunFish HR has been helping HR management around the world since 1999.

We also cover you if you are an SME, with our GreatDay HR option.

SunFish HR has complete features that covers everything under the Core HR to Strategic HR modules such as employee data, time management, payroll administration, organization management, analytics, performance appraisals, learning administration, talent management, recruitment, advanced analytics, and many more. It also has a full suite of apps to assist and allow you to manage your employees in a WFH situation.  Your company can also customize the features to your HR management needs.

Data Security

Often, we hear the term ‘cybercrime’? It usually happens when data security system is not a strong feature in local home-grown software. Data security refers to the protection of private digital data in your computers, databases, or websites and your Saas systems to prevent unwanted access and destructive actions such as data breach and cyberattack from unauthorized users. Data security is an especially important element to consider for an HRIS software.

Ensure that the HRIS you will go for already has international certification standards (ISO) to guarantee the level of data security in the system.

SunFish HR is certified by international standard data security with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2013. Our technology delivers a high level of security to protect your data from intruders both within and outside the organization.  We also have our own Tier 3 data centers for added security of your data.

Investment Cost

Prior to scouting and considering other factors, HR should set an investment budget that will be allotted for the HRIS Project. The cost calculation is highly necessary as HRIS software is a long-term investment that should be maintained and supported. HR should perform a cost-benefit analysis considering the features and functions that the HRIS can perform. Would it be worth the price?  It should be with long term view.

SunFish has you covered here as well.  With one of the most comprehensive HRIS in the world, at a really competitive price.  We have been deveolping this program since 1999 and have have achieved far more then our competitors can dream of.  Our program is continuosly updated to reflect latest government regulations etc.

Change Company Work Habits

Using an automated software system will change the way you work for the better. Your HR employees’ administrative tasks that usually take several hours to complete will be considerably shortened giving them more time to perform and focus on strategic tasks.

Yes, it requires adjustments for some employees to shift from manual habits to the use of technology. Your company should have change management to help and guide the employees to be accustomed to the new HRIS software.

After understanding and having the right ideas in place to consider choosing the right HRIS that suits your company’s needs and knowing the benefits of using HRIS for your company’s efficiency, are you still hesitant to implement the use of HRIS?

Technology is one thing but the needs for an organization to adapt to change is also extremely critical.  Automation will require an organization to let go some of their manual processes and create trust in the organization by empowering employees and their managers to have the accountability to manage their own data.  We have seen many organizations embarking on the automation process using a HRIS solution expecting the new system to adjust to their existing (often inefficient) manual processes.  This results with the adoption of processes that are not maximizing the full potential benefits of the system.

Do not worry! We are ready to help you!
You may consult with our experts who can and will answer your questions and concerns on your company’s HRIS needs!
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