SunFish HR: Employee Data

At the core of SunFish HR is the Personnel Administration Module where the employee data reside. This electronic storage system offers many advantages over the traditional paper-based system. In simplest terms, electronic files take up significantly less physical space and can be conveniently backed up to prevent data loss. Greater benefits of SunFish, however, come from the system’s ability to “handle” the data to provide valuable information hidden within to various users.

For example, the employee may review their personal information to check for completeness and accuracy via the Employee Portal, while managers can “mine” this data to review the demographic tendencies or analyze trends in employee turnover to fine-tune the recruitment efforts or get insight into employee qualifications and skills to recommend further training for career development.

Personnel Administration Module allows for efficient collection of data and transforms the data into information that empowers the organization.

Feature Highlights

Employee Information

Complete employee information is maintained and supported by the system, e.g. personal data, current employment details, tracking employment histories, education, work experience, family members, and dependents.

Employee Reports

Reports are critically important in transforming raw data into useful information. Employee Reports transform the data collected by the Employee Information into information that can be easily used and understood by the employee and manager.

Employee Letter

Numerous letters are sent to the employee, from on-board letters to annual performance reviews. These letters can be automated, and batch processed for greater efficiency.

Employee Dashboard

The dashboard technology allows the manager to quickly survey the critical data which are displayed graphically. The manager can easily customize the dashboard, adding or moving display items.