GreatDay HR Benefits

GreatDay HR is soon to be available as a full stand alone HR system in the Philippines. The following Benefits will become available when we release the stand alone GreatDay HR system.Please be patient an stay tuned in for the release date.

The First Flexible Benefits Platform on a Mobile

We believe that your success in business happens because of successful employees.Our desire to help increase the success of your company needs to start with the success of your employees.With the Benefits feature, employees may receive various benefits that are able to improve their welfare without additional costs for the company.

Flexible Benefits

GreatDay HR provides a dashboard for employees which provides various benefit products an employee can avail.With a lump sum budget at the beginning of the year, employees can purchase different benefit products, like life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, education etc., for themselves or for their family.

GreatDay HR Protection

GreatDay provides protection products for your employees with maximum protection, affordable price, and without additional costs for the company. In collaboration with trusted partners, GreatDay provides income protection insurance, health insurance, life insurance, home contents insurance, gadget insurance, car insurance, and so on.

GreatDay Smart Cash

GreatDay understands the needs of employees in general.By having a good and cooperative relationship with our partners, GreatDay is able to provide for employees who wish to borrow money for sudden needs, family needs or household needs. Employees and companies do not need to worry about high loan interest rates as loan interest rates from GreatDay HR are fully monitored by OJK.

GreatDay Investment

Investment can be the key to achieving employee financial freedom. By cooperating with a trusted investment companies, GreatDay provides investment products that are easy and safe. Employees can start investing with just Php. 100 only.