SunFish HR: GreatDay HR APP for ESS

The Award Winning GreatDay HR Mobile App for your Employee Self Service

An App to make your WFH better!

With the features we give you in this App, it will allow you to operate a WFH and Office policy seamlessly.

Using this App perhaps your company will come through this period in far better shape!

Look at this video for more information.

The Leading Mobile App for Working From Home

In response to the Government Enhanced Quarantine, GreatDay HR Mobile App has been further enhanced to facilitate your Work From Home Policy. Our basic features: Attendance Recording, Activity Recording, Company Announcements, and Employee’s Attendance Report are all here, plus much more. We have also included our Facial Recognition feature for this period at no extra charge.

This App makes your SunFish HCM even more powerful and allows you to monitor and facilitate your employees to work from home in these trying times.

The Leading Mobile App for ESS

Employee Self Service (ESS) is the key to modern digital HR. This GreatDay App was developed for your ESS in SunFish HR

Our Feature Rich Mobile Application GreatDay (formerly SunFish Go) connects your employees to HR and others seamlessly.

This means less work for HR and HAPPY employees who can now submit their requests and view approvals and data on their mobile phones.

GreatDay HR Security Patrol

 GreatDay HR Security Patrol allows you to monitor your security team using QR Codes.

Generate QR Codes in our system for each location that you wish to monitor then place the QR Codes in that location. The security team must then scan these codes at various times that you have set. These scans are then saved in a report that can be viewed to ensure that the tasks have been performed correctly and on time.

GreatDay HR Asset Security

GreatDay HR Asset Security allows you to generate a QR code for each room. When Security enters this room to scan the QR code, he will be presented with a list of assets that should be present in that room. 

For ex. 4 Desktop Computers, 1 Projector, etc. Guard must mark them present (on the APP) in the room or make a notation for his report that something was not there.

Some Features of this amazing Mobile App.

Employee Time in – Out

The great day provides for recording T&A without Biometrics. We include Geo Tagging and Facial recognition to encourage good employee behavior.

Leave Request

Simplifies the process of requesting leave for employees. Leave balances can also be viewed. Authorized persons can approve leave online here.

Pay Slip Viewing

Provides the employee with a convenient way to view their pay slip. Password protected for extra security. No more wasted paper!


Submitting expense claims for approval is much easier with our mobile app. Authorized persons can also approve here. This allows the company to keep tight control of expenses as it can be in real-time.

Organization Structure

View the organizational hierarchy to facilitate workflow and identify employee positions. Can be viewed over various companies in the group if needed.


Schedule Settings

Make your daily activities well-organized with shift scheduling and shift pattern settings etc. Shifts can be changed here as well. We also include an event calendar to highlight company-related events etc.


View all your stored reports. We make it extremely easy to access and download data in real-time so an HR Admin does not need to be at their desk to produce a report for management. Many formats for reports are available.

Company Social Media

The available company social media has a chat feature that enables users to interact with their peers. this fully encrypted function is great for company-wide alerts, updates, etc. You are also able to share encrypted files and photos.


Need to catch up on the approvals for leave, schedule changes, expenses etc. You are able to perform this anywhere at anytime with just a single click.

Employee Information

Employees’ can update or complete their data and other relevant information needed for HR Admin. This can be viewed and updated by authorized persons.

Sharing Documents

Share documents digitally on our secure platform that is guaranteed its security.


Record employee’s time of attendance and or correct attendance on the go to increase the company’s workflow efficiency and productivity. GreatDay HR App can also be used for two factor authentication when logging into SunFish HRIS for added security.

Facial Recognition

Your GreatDay HR comes with the ability to use our world-renowned A.I. Facial Recognition software. Combined with our GPS and Geo Location to help prevent fraud.


Kiosk Enabled

The company can set up an Android device and use it for attendance recording. No need for expensive Biometric machines any longer. Recorded data is sent directly to your GreatDay HR system for recording and payroll processing.

Pay Slip Printing

You can add pay slip printing for employees at your GreatDay HR Kiosk. Just connect a printer wirelessly or via Bluetooth and your employee can print their pay slip as he is clocking in or out. Remember that you can also email pay slips to their mobile phones. These emails are password protected to keep the confidentiality of the pay slip.

Create and Print Company IDs

You can create and print your company ID cards. These can also be sent to your printing contractor for printing.

Save Paper

As most of your processes are now automated, the amount of paper generated in operation is significantly reduced.


View all your company policies on your handphone. Your employees don’t need to email or call HR to get a copy of a Company Policy. It is all at their fingertips.

GreatDay has also been released as a full HRIS System in one package.

GreatDay HR has been developed by us as a full standalone HRIS system for SMEs. So if SunFish HCM is too large and comprehensive for you, you can get some of its benefits from GreatDay HR.

GreatDay HR offers those small to medium-sized companies an opportunity to have great Time and Attendance, Scheduling, Performance Management, Activity Setting, Task Setting, Payroll, Chat, Encrypted File Transfer, and a whole lot more at an amazingly affordable cost.

GreatDay HR is the most feature-rich program for SMEs in the Philippines so that you can enjoy many of the features of large and more expensive HRIS programs at a fraction of the cost.

You can even use it to just record the Time and Attendance of your contract staff to ensure that you are paying for the actual times they worked.

Like all our programs it is continually updated, and enhancements are added regularly.

It is an ideal HRIS and Payroll system for small to medium-sized companies that need payroll and a basic HRIS system. 

It has all the above features plus Philippines Payroll and Benefits.