Help Control and Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 in the Office by Using Technology?

In March 2020, the Philippines was shocked by the number of people exposed to COVID-19. This resulted in the different lockdowns GCQ and ECQ in different regions. This has an impact on the activities of everyone, from the school, college, to work activities. In the world of work, every company has an HR division, in this context, HR in each company have and continues to have a significant role in maintaining the stability of employee performance. This resulted in many WFH models.

Now, HR staff need to find ways to control and prevent transmission of COVID-19 in the office, in part by using technological resources.

Here are some tips the HR can take in their effort to control and prevent Coronavirus in the office by utilizing the use of technology:

1. Dissemination of quick and precise information. HR must disseminate information fast and accurately via email or internal communication systems regarding COVID-19. The information provided is about COVID-19 and how to prevent employees from being exposed. In SunFish – GreatDay, this can be pushed to all employees as they login.

2. Choose a viable alternative to record attendance for employees besides the fingerprint system. Companies in the Philippines use a variety of ways to record the employee’s attendance record. Some are still manually writing in a book, some are using a paper clocking machine, some are using face & eye sensors, and some are using fingerprint machine. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, the spreading probability through the fingerprint, card, manual systems is extremely high. In this case, HR needs to consider an alternative attendance record other than a fingerprint, card or manual record. With the attendance recording technology, including geo technology, facial recognition that SunFish HR has, it can track employee attendance based on the location wherever they are and can help HR to use a contactless attendance recording system.

3. Work from home. In this case, HR can decide to make a policy for some employees to continue the work from home on a rotational basis. However, there are still many HRs who are not confident to do this, as employee productivity is a major consideration. With a HRIS like SunFish HRIS , HR staff can track employee attendance. SunFish also provides various modules that can be used to increase and manage employee productivity both in the office and during a WFH status.

4. The online assignments in SunFish HRIS is also very effective in such situations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Through SunFish HR, the assignment can be performed from the very top to the lowest level, so, the employee can update the work in progress automatically. Thus, employees can still work, and complete tasks given by their superiors easily even from home.

5. Simplify access to get leave and health benefits. In this situation due to the COVID-19, employees need information regarding their leave and health benefits that is readily available, as well as the access to use them. Through SunFish HR, employees can easily access all their leave and health benefits issued by the company without physical presence being required.

6. The use of the Patrol feature in SunFish – GreatDay allows for the monitoring of the cleaning schedules in the office for doors, pantries, change rooms, toilets etc. These are major infection areas and need constant attention.

For more info on the new standard guidelines look here in World Health Organization’s website,

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