How to Calculate Your SSS Monthly Contribution: A Comprehensive Guide in 2024

The Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines plays a crucial role in providing financial security to employees, employers, and self-employed individuals. Understanding how to calculate your SSS monthly contribution is essential for compliance and for ensuring your future benefits. This guide covers all aspects of SSS contributions, helping you accurately determine your monthly payments.

Understanding the SSS Contribution Table

The SSS contribution table is a comprehensive guide that outlines the contribution amounts based on an employee’s monthly salary. The table is periodically updated, reflecting changes in policies and economic factors. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key components of the SSS contribution table:

Monthly SalaryEmployer ContributionEmployee ContributionTotal Contribution
PHP 0 – PHP 4,999PHP 320PHP 135PHP 455
PHP 5,000 – PHP 7,499PHP 400PHP 160PHP 560
PHP 7,500 – PHP 9,999PHP 480PHP 192PHP 672
PHP 10,000 – PHP 14,999PHP 560PHP 224PHP 784
PHP 15,000 – PHP 19,999PHP 720PHP 288PHP 1,008
PHP 20,000 and abovePHP 800PHP 320PHP 1,120

Note: Values in the table are for illustrative purposes. Please refer to the latest SSS table for accurate rates.

Steps to Calculate Your SSS Monthly Contribution

1. Determine Your Monthly Salary

Your monthly salary is the basis for calculating your SSS contribution. This includes basic pay, commissions, and other forms of compensation, excluding benefits not considered as part of the basic salary.

2. Refer to the SSS Contribution Table

Using your monthly salary, locate the appropriate range in the SSS contribution table. Identify the corresponding employer, employee, and total contributions.

3. Compute Employee and Employer Shares

The contribution is split between the employer and the employee:

  • Employee’s Share: A percentage of the monthly salary based on the contribution table.
  • Employer’s Share: Typically higher, also derived from the contribution table.

For instance, if your salary is PHP 15,000:

  • Employee’s Share: PHP 288
  • Employer’s Share: PHP 720
  • Total Contribution: PHP 1,008

4. Apply Contribution Adjustments if Necessary

If there are adjustments such as additional voluntary contributions or penalties for late payments, they should be factored in after determining the basic contribution.

Self-Employed and Voluntary Members

Calculating Contributions for Self-Employed Individuals

Self-employed individuals are responsible for both the employer and employee contributions. The computation involves selecting a range from the contribution table that corresponds to your monthly earnings.

Example Calculation: If your declared income is PHP 20,000:

  • Total Contribution: PHP 1,120 (Employer + Employee shares)

Voluntary Members and OFWs

Voluntary members, including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), choose their contribution based on their declared income. It’s essential to maintain regular contributions to ensure eligibility for benefits.

Contribution Payment Schedule

For Employers

Employers must remit contributions on behalf of their employees by the end of the following month. Failure to do so results in penalties and interest charges.

For Self-Employed and Voluntary Members

Payments can be made monthly or quarterly:

  • Monthly Payments: Due on the last day of the month following the applicable month.
  • Quarterly Payments: Due on the last day of the month following the applicable quarter.

Benefits of Regular SSS Contributions

Regular contributions to the SSS provide access to various benefits, including:

  • Retirement Benefits: Pension plans and lump-sum benefits upon reaching retirement age.
  • Disability Benefits: Financial assistance for those unable to work due to disabilities.
  • Sickness and Maternity Benefits: Coverage for periods of illness or maternity leave.
  • Death and Funeral Benefits: Assistance to the family in case of death.

How to Pay Your SSS Contributions


Employers can pay through SSS-accredited banks, online banking, or via the SSS web portal. It’s essential to keep accurate records and submit the necessary reports to SSS.

Self-Employed and Voluntary Members

Payments can be made through SSS-accredited banks, payment centers, and online services. It’s crucial to keep receipts and monitor your contributions through the SSS online platform.

Diagram: SSS Contribution Calculation Process

Common Questions and Troubleshooting

What if I Miss a Payment?

Missed payments can be settled with penalties. It’s advisable to contact SSS for assistance in recalculating missed contributions and understanding the penalties involved.

How Do I Update My Contribution Records?

Updates can be made online through the SSS Member’s portal or by visiting an SSS branch. Regularly checking your contribution status ensures all payments are accurately recorded.

Can I Increase My Contribution?

Yes, you can voluntarily increase your contributions to enhance future benefits. This is particularly beneficial for voluntary and self-employed members.

By following this comprehensive guide, you can accurately calculate your SSS monthly contributions, ensuring compliance and maximizing your benefits. Regular contributions are not only a statutory obligation but also a means to secure financial stability for the future.

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