SunFish Workplaze Mobile
SunFish Workplaze Mobile
SunFish Workplaze Mobile
SunFish Workplaze Mobile
SunFish Workplaze Mobile

SunFish Workplaze
HR Core

Digitize your basic HR Processes
With the No. 1 HR Solution for South East Asia and beyond!

SunFish Workplaze for your mobile workforce

Fuss-free access anytime, anywhere

SunFish Workplaze Talent Management

Maximize the value of your workforce with our next-generation Talent Management Solution

Attendance Recording

Time recorders, face scanners, card scanners, interactive displays, and many more - we offer cutting-edge machines for your attendance tracking.

Integrated OKR

Performance Management enhanced with OKR linked to organizational activities that support both traditional and non-traditional workers

Managed Payroll Service

Concentrate on what your company does best. We do the same.

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HR Solutions Provider
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Discover the complete range of business solutions offered by SunFish DataOn Philippines for the modern enterprise.  Our cutting-edge software and first-rate services are intended to prepare you for the next step in your transformation journey. Together, we generate value that will last for years to come.


Stay Ahead
in the Game

Recurring factors include how businesses must innovate to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. It takes a smart leader to recognize these changes and direct teams accordingly.

Our adaptable solutions assist you in doing that and provide you the agility to go forward.

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Our Strength

At SunFish DataOn Philippines, we use technologies that promote people’s communication and collaboration to assist our customers in managing change.

We think that for change to be successful, individuals must work together to achieve shared objectives.


Why We Are the Right Choice

SunFih DataOn Philippines, Inc. creates solutions that are flexible enough to suit each customer’s particular business processes while putting an emphasis on increasing productivity and engagement. A sizable professional services team with HR, project, support, and security expertise supports our technical solutions to make sure that customers go live on schedule, within their budgets, and that the implementation is successful. In order to continue creating value for our consumers, we are dedicated to doing so side by side.



Best in class, fully functional solutions are created to support numerous HR best practices using current technology. The most accurate attendance tracking by mobile, kiosk, and physical devices with fraud prevention.



Customers can operate their business securely while we protect their data and application thanks to strict security requirements and ongoing processing optimization.



2000 companies and 1.2M users trust our solutions with 98% customer satisfaction. Many of them grew with us since 2005 as we learn from them and put into tech what they need.



We offer the option of beyond standard features for internal social networks, people development and recruitment.


Solution is designed for mobile access. 98% of sessions are on phones.


20 years of experience in HR allow support of most HR processes not available from competitors.

More Than 2000 Companies Trust SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc.

Through its cutting-edge HRIS and Payroll systems that are strategically arranged to fit business demands, SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc. has been offering HR solutions for over 20 years to both foreign and domestic businesses.

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It takes courage to move forward, to implement
changes or lead into a new direction. We
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