HR can be complicated,
we are here to help

With all the changes happening to the employee-employer relationships and new topics like OKR, employee experience, employee well-being, Flex Benefits, HR as value creator and more taking the center stage, even the most experienced HR pros might be overwhelmed with the number and complexity of growing HR issues. Or, companies may encounter an unexpected HR need and find that they have limited capabilities or know how to address it.

Regardless of the reason or situation, no one can be an expert in everything HR-related and companies can often benefit from fresh perspectives that outside help brings. But instead of JUST outsourcing or using HR technology, why not go a step further and use our ALL-IN-ONE HR CONCIERGE Services.

What is an HR Concierge?
Our HR Concierge is a new on-demand service delivery concept for HR and business leaders to expand their Human Capital Management capabilities.
The idea is to enlist HR subject matter experts to provide specific services instead of attempting to do everything in-house. Tapping into the know-how of these experts can complement in-house managed strategic HR aspects and initiatives so that HR can make plans and decisions.

These services are delivered in a “subscription based and managed services” model (HR as a Service), which means business aligned SLAs are more important than transactional volume. Furthermore, our ongoing reviews and analytics help improve HR effectiveness, improve the experience and ensure the achievement of business result.

What are the benefits?

Industry Leading Payroll Process

  • No person can be an expert on everything, and HR matters are complex. This provides expert access on important matters when HR needs it
  • Reduce costs while achieving better HR service delivery via outsourcing HR matters to our subject experts.

Statutory Compliance

  • Being an SLA driven managed services model, as all parties work together to achieve common objectives set by the Business Leaders
  • Costs, quality and productivity SLAs are shared with in-house HR to ensure alignment of goals.


  • Service packages can be customized to a greater degree than traditional outsourcing.
  • Streamlining HR technology, operations and expert services will provide a consistent and better employee experience

Core Service Categories


Requirements Profiling

We conduct an initial assessment to understand your organization’s needs.


Service Package Customization

We consolidate your requirements and propose a custom package.


Account Manager Introduction

Get to know your appointed Consulting account manager.


Get Started

Embark on your HR managed service journey with our dedicated consultants.
We conduct an initial assessment to understand your organization’s needs.
Mix and match from our HR services, from one-time configurations to monthly time and material subscriptions.
Your account manager will be your organization’s PIC across the entire suite of managed services
A transitional phase is expected when shifting to new ways of working and adoption of new operational capabilities.
A basic HR diagnostic assessment is conducted to help ascertain HR needs and pain points
Contractual scope services is defined through a customized proposal based on your budget and timeline
Our teams connect to establish working level relationships and a collaborative team charter.
Stay on track with your strategic goals with our human capital insights and change management capabilities.

Core Service Categories


  • Pay for specific services and get what you pay for
  • Fully customizable based on changing needs and allows shifting focus when necessary


  • Everything works on a rolling basis
  • Result focus rather than task focus
  • No extra charges for work not included
  • Easier to stick to budgets and save money


  • Know what you spend each month on what and what results you get
  • Responsibilities and deadlines are clarified for protection of all parties and to keep operation transparent

One Contact Point

  • One partner to account for all your needs
  • Consolidate operations to make managing all moving parts simpler
  • Better project outcomes due to streamlines collaboration and control


  • Our service provider only needs to get you know once
  • This saves time when working on new projects and not needing to familiarize a new team again and again


  • Service provider can anticipate needs, plan and resolve accordingly
  • If during one project new needs arise they can be accounted for the following months

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