Humans are a SOCIAL animal!

We crave and need social interaction to thrive. If this is taken away from us, we will suffer in varying degrees. Some can handle it better than others, but we will all feel the effects of Social Isolation.

This is very true in this time of Covid 19. As we are in lock down and our social interaction is severely curtailed, we all suffer. In the years to come, people will do studies on this period to determine how much it has affected us as individuals and as a society.

Here in the Philippines, I think we are more reliant on social interaction than most other countries. This can be seen by the Fiestas and the invitation to come and eat that is always extended to friends and strangers alike. What a great tradition this is!
Social media has helped greatly. It has kept us connected and in touch. I am horrified to think what the situation would be without this Social Media interaction.
As a part of this thinking, I ensured that we included our Internal Company Chat in our GreatDay HR WFH free version.
As HR we know that our employees are now starting to feel the effects of this social isolation and by allowing them to use this Chat Feature and the Activities feature, we can help them to feel connected to each other again.
Remember that your employee interacts with their workmates for minimum of eight hours per day and that is a large part of their lives. This feature can help to fill that void this lockdown has left.
Each morning I send a message to our employees to try to give them a laugh and start their day off with a smile. For example, this was the message I sent today:
“Good morning Team. Hope all are well and going strong? Thought for the day! Start each day with a positive thought like, “I can go back to bed in 16 or 17 short hours.” “
So, if you think your employees would benefit from this, you are welcome to use our FREE version of GreatDay HR WFH.
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