With over twenty years of development experience in HR technology, Humanica and DataOn has built the leading HR solution in South East Asia with continual investment in new Software and technology to support our customer unique and evolving needs. Our technology teams work in conjunction with clients and conduct research and prototyping which has led to many of the advanced functionality and features available in SunFish Workplaze today.

We understand that organizations require real solutions that have a meaningful impact on their organization and that often small innovations are as important as major technology advancements. We work diligently to cut through technology hype and bring real, meaningful innovation that will support organizations today and into the future.

With constant enhancements and additional features we aim to be your partner for many years to come.

Always a pioneer

We pioneered web native architecture for HCM over 20 years ago
Deployed comprehensive mobile applications to our customer base since 2008 – before the hype
Became one of the first large providers to offer multi-tenancy SaaS HCM
Continuously evolve our core application framework to provide unparalleled flexibility to organizations

Today, the majority of SunFish Workplaze users access our solutions through mobile devices. We have extensively redeveloped Workplaze mobile as a solution which exploits many unique opportunities to improve employee collaboration while also making all web functionality of SunFish Workplaze available through mobile devices.

Opportunities to provide organizations with data insight, improved efficiency and a better overall user experience through multisystem integration have and continue to grow. Not all integrations are the same, so to meet these needs efficiently Workplaze includes both an open API environment for organizations to configure their own interfaces and our interface management tool to custom configure interfaces that support API, xDBC and batch file integration with pre/post processing and data translation.

HR data analysis has become more important than ever, not only for traditional HR users, but throughout entire organizations. SunFish Workplaze includes native reporting engines built on our included data warehouse. This means that flexible reporting and configurable dashboards can be made available throughout the organization, and are not subject to third party licensing. Additional, standard reports, analytics and dashboards in SunFush Workplaze are build on the internal tools, allowing users to easily modify or create new analytics based on pre existing standards.

User experience includes a variety of aspects, but most importantly, our users need to get work done quickly. Our usage analytics collect anonymized data on system usage and allow us to continuously add new automation or reorganize processes to reduce clicks and improve efficiency.
Workplaze utilizes AI based facial recognition in conjunction with a range of anti-fraud technologies to validate employee attendance without the need for traditional biometric devices. Successful implementation of this technology has allowed us to increase its use in additional areas of the software such as recognition based multifactor authentication to improve system security.
A range of HR tasks involve complex multi step processes which require collaboration of various employees. In addition to a highly configurable workflow engine, Workplaze now includes tools to define complex HR business processes in accordance with compliance requirements and unique organizational requirements.

SunFish Workplaze now includes a range of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic base automation to improve business process and help users focus on what is relevant in the masses of data available in SunFIsh Workplaze. These tools are used throughout the application and include dynamic notification prioritized to users workflow, menu optimization based on historical user access and machine learning based analysis of employee turnover to produce predictive analysis for future resignations.

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