SunFish HR: Learning Administration

Training for your Employees

Every employee needs the training to stay on top in today’s fast-changing environment. 

Training should be an integral part of any talent management strategy that is beneficial for both the employee and the company. SunFish HR improves the efficiency of the training administration by reducing the processing steps and costs involved by providing a self-service environment for handling training requests, detailed tracking of courses, participation, sessions, scheduling, training budgeting, planned vs. actual training expenses comparison, etc.

The Training Module benefits the HR department by enhancing efficiency with easy-to-use, accurate planning, and selection for employee training. Improved analysis of training needs for employees combined with advanced analysis of training effectiveness allows an increased focus on the most beneficial training and best use of limited budgets. Ultimately investing in the best training and ensuring the right employees attend that training results in more qualified, engaged, and motivated employees.

With the inclusion of our E-Learning Module, your training is online and can reach even those employees located at remote sites. This allows for well-trained employees at a lower cost to the organization.

Feature Highlights

Learning Plan & Calendar

SunFish HR allows the HR administrator to plan training for the employees. This training plan is then used to create the training calendar, which shows all the training schedules as well as their details for easy management.

Learning Budget & Expense

SunFish HR supports both training budgeting for each position and the recording of the actual training expenses. Once a requested training is near or over budget, an alert will sound and alert the manager.

Learning Evaluation

SunFish HR is equipped with a Training Evaluation function. Training Evaluations can survey the employees for various feedback on the training sessions taken. These surveys are designed to give the HR department a quick review of the effectiveness of the training and the trainer.

E-learning & online exam

The employee can receive online training courses, lessons, and exercises including related learning materials. The training manager can also design and deliver tests to evaluate the learning sessions.