Mid Market Solution

SunFish DataOn Philippines always tries to offer a platform for all size companies.  Other than top-of-the-line HR Solutions which is SunFish Workplaze, we offer a cost effective highly configurable HR solution that is perfect for Philippine SMEs, Introducing GreatDay HR!


HR Solutions Provider – Thailand’s leading provider in both Human Resources Management system with cost-efficient Time Attendance Recorder installation and security-related hardware.
Product and Services

HR Program

Human Management program that supports all types of business with a user-friendly design that allows the organization to configure the program to their liking.

Hardware – Time Attendance and Access Control

We provide our Time Attendance Recording with installations and after-sales service. We aim to help the organization manage and distribute work to each employee more efficiently. Along with the preciseness in recording clock in and out time, we also provide more security with support from world-leading brands such as ZKteco and Hikvision.

Services – Tiger Payroll Outsourcing and Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

We offer full support for payroll with Tiger Payroll Outsourcing Services by a team of professionals. We also offer time attendance recorder loans and maintenance services for all the hardware under the Tigersoft brand.

GreatDay HR

All-in-One HRIS Software to Manage Every HR Task

GreatDay HR provides a single, streamlined, automated solution that helps you easily manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from payroll and tax calculations to attendance records, leave requests, and reimbursements.

Core Features That Address All Your HR Management Needs

One-stop solution to accelerate growth and profitability by making HR and talent management more efficient and easier than ever

Enjoy Ease

  • Mobile and Remote-Friendly
    Great user experience is critical. This is why the GreatDay HR app is mobile-friendly, creating a seamless experience for you and your team to use, wherever and whenever you are.
  • Easy Setup
    Employee data management has never been easier. Your employees can easily download the app on PlayStore and App store for convenient and quick setup.
  • Real-Time
    Actual time is automatically applied to every check-in and check-out, ensuring fraud-free attendance data.

Save Time

  • Fully Integrated, Instantly Updated
    GreatDay HR is cloud-based, which means any and all data is updated in a blink of an eye and is integrated to all corresponding functions.
  • Effortless Employee Management
    Checking up on and being notified of your employee’s performance with your phone means more time to focus on your company’s growth.
  • Quick and Accurate Payroll Calculation
    Calculate your payroll in under an hour with GreatDay HR and our Multi-country tax compliance.

Increase Productivity

  • Hustle More, Hassle less
    Administrative work is tedious and time-consuming. Let us do it for you. This gives you more time to accelerate your business growth.
  • Enhance Company-Employee Engagement
    An engaged employee is a productive employee. GreatDay HR enables the company to send tasks, give appraisals, feedback, record their activity, and so on. You get the idea.
  • Zero Employee Request Waiting Time
    Employees can instantly send leave, overtime, reimbursement, and claim requests to the company. No more complicated approval processes.

Save Costs

  • Reduce Spend to Earn More
  • Drastically reduce paper and additional manpower spending, invest a little on GreatDay HR to help drive profits.
  • Affordable and Reliable
  • Affordable yearly subscription, enabling you to scale up your company quicker than ever before. And that’s before mentioning our cloud storage with internationally certified security standards.

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