SunFish HR: Organization Management

Due to growth, technology, restructuring, business, or market-driven changes organizations need to periodically assess the structure of their companies to determine whether it still meets current and future needs; and whether structure and strategy are still properly aligned to increase the company’s efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

With SunFish HR’s Organization Module users can arrange and modify organizational hierarchies effectively and easily. It supports multi-company organization structures with each company supporting its hierarchy of positions, all with the possibility to be previewed in intuitive graphical charts with a selectable level of data details included in the display. Versions of structural setups can be saved to templates, which can later either be re-used should organizational restructuring occur in the future, or simply keep a record for historical data tracking purposes.

Once configured, reporting structures are easily understood and the management of workflows and approvals is greatly simplified. Moreover, management will be able to view and identify vacant as well as unproductive positions across the organization by monitoring employees’ competency versus position requirements.

Feature Highlights

 Organization Structure

Displays in tree-form the complete organization structure including business units, departments, and divisions, and states each of the individual position’s job descriptions. This module is by default available for everyone to view, thus making working relationships, reporting structures, and approval workflows more transparent.

Career Administration

Career Administration allows users to seamlessly manage career transitions and related workflow changes and tracks all employee career steps from hiring to termination. It supports multi-company structures and accommodates transitioning of employees within a group. This module can also be used to acknowledge special achievements or to assign formal warnings for misconduct or rule violations.

Organization Chart

Previews each department’s hierarchies in intuitive graphical charts with photographs of the people in charge of each position and a selectable level of vertical depth included in the display. It allows authorized users to easily spot vacant positions across the organization.

HR Policy

Provides HR-related information and policies online for everyone to see; whether they are general policies set by the organization, guidelines, information related to labor laws, or changes/amendments to existing policies. Authorized users can quickly update them online and answering endless inquiries on company policies becomes a thing of the past.