Our Difference

We could tell you that the SunFish HR program has been established and continually improved for 20 + years.

We could tell you that SunFish DataOn Philippines provides reliable and flexible HR business solutions.

We could tell you that SunFish DataOn Philippines staff are second to none in serving our clients needs.

We could tell you that SunFish HR is up there with the top 4 HR programs but with a far lower cost.

We could tell you that SunFish HCM is the most used program in ASEAN.

All the above is true but to really summarize our difference:
SunFish HR SaaS Simply Works for YOU!

“SunFish HR SaaS Simply Works” is true in all iterations of the summary. Our latest release, SunFish HR SaaS, works to meet the needs of the Philippine business community quickly and efficiently.

This program has multi-countries, multi-language, multi-companies and multi-currency features for those organisations who operate in other countries besides the Philippines.

We quickly and efficiently update our programs on the cloud to reflect the latest laws in our countries of operation. So your system is always up to date with current practices.

Your data is fully encrypted and stored in our own secure Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers with full recovery and back up centers. Want to learn more about Our Technology?

We hold and adhere to the following awards

Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001:2015

Information Security Management as ISO 27001:2013.

We adhere to the following Privacy Standards:

EU GDPR 2018

Philippine Republic Act No. 10173

Join Us in the Digital Age

Cut staff attrition.

Get upto date comprehensive reports.

Stop digging through hundreds of paper files.

Have all your Data at your finger tips with SunFish HR.