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This is a Payroll Delivery Associate and the employee is expected to assimilate into SDP culture and best practices, gain customer understanding, and build technical capability to operate SunFish HRIS Time Keeping and Payroll functions.

The Payroll Delivery Associate will be responsible for payroll processing for one or more accounts assigned to him/her. The payroll process owner meets the job requirements of this role by meeting Service Level Agreements and delivering productivity and process improvements.


▪ Compilation and processing of transactional Time Data and Payroll. This requires teaming/collaboration with other teams, i.e. Technical/Maintenance Support team that implement the system.
▪ Process payroll requirements in SunFish/Greatday HRIS (weekly, bi-monthly, year-end, off-cycle).
▪ Processing of Final Pay based on the advised from the Client.
▪ Ensure accuracy of employee and employer contributions for statutory requirements. This requires knowledge of local tax and labor laws.
▪ Ensure accuracy of other payments & deductions calculated by the system. This requires in-depth knowledge of company policies (eg. Overtime, allowances, benefits).
▪ Generation of Pay Statements and other Business reports.
▪ Generation of statutory reports. This requires knowledge/understanding of the Philippines country forms and government guidelines to complete these. The process owner should also have the capacity to verify that all information reported is accurate and legally-compliant.
▪ Provide payroll journal entries report to Client (requires knowledge of Client’s cost center guidelines.
▪ Document numbers of monthly payroll run or scorecard for billing to Client.
▪ Document and keep log of issue and resolution tracking.
▪ Acts as Tier 2 for Issue Resolution of Payroll related matters.


▪ Minimum of 2 years experience in Payroll Administration or HR Administrative role in human resources department, business process outsourcing
▪ Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Human Resources management.
▪ Conversant with all the Microsoft Office Programs
▪ Knowledgeable of Philippines Labor Law and regulations.

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