SunFish Workplaze Recruitment

Facilitate a smooth end-to-end recruitment process – let all stakeholders participate for successful hiring quickly and efficiently

With an extensive set of Recruitment features for workforce planning, posting job openings on social media, applicant collection and tracking, ranking, filtering, distributed selection, and onboarding, SunFish Workplaze is a complete solution to support your business expansion.

Feature Highlights

A recuritment platform that covers manpower planning, vacancy management recruitment portal, onboarding and much more.

Proactively analyze existing workforce insight to project future labor/skills demand required to achieve your organizational goals.

Reduce hiring cycle times and improve selection by controlling job specific recruitment processes and keeping all involved in the selection process updated on their responsibilities and progress.

Rapidly execute selection processes, ensuring all collaborators have the data they need, and required steps are completed on time with detailed tracking to improve selection quality while protecting against discriminatory hiring processes or claims.

Make a better first impression with applicants while improving compliance, collaboration and reducing hire cycle times.

Direct candidates to your organization’s job portal as a single recruitment point-of-entry as a means to improve the employer brand and ensure applicant data is complete and structured to support your selection processing.

Gear up for expansion by assessing your workforce supply and demand and follow through with a consistent, streamlined hiring process to never overlook a right candidate again.

Support Recruitment Goals

  • Consistent experience from multiple sources (job boards, adds, campus hiring, etc)
  • Single location that is accessible by each of the collaborators for transparency, audit and compliance purposes
  • Get input without overloading supervisors
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Built quality candidate pool by linking to job boards
  • Improve applicant qualification

Support your business needs

  • Flexible criteria definition for selection steps, hiring process, PICs
  • Effortless team collaboration in the hiring process
  • Manage mass hiring activities
  • Workflow automation for efficient processing
  • Use compensation estimates to match MPP with budgets
  • Integrate with corporate landing pages for better candidate experience and single point of entry
  • Seamlessly proceed to onboarding after successful hiring

User Collaboration and Candidate Interaction

  • Structured, easy to follow application process for candidates
  • Quickly move applicants through recruitment steps with detailed tracking/auditability of decisions
  • Collaborators communicate input in all selection process steps for best conclusions
  • Tools for better communication and coordination between applicants and recruiters – good impression, decrease process delays
  • Auto ranking by system of finalists and hiring recommendations
  • Clearly indicators when action is needs to be taken by whom
  • Embedded dashboards, in-page analytics to support informed decisions making

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