Competition for Talent

With competition for talent; increased wages; and high turnover rates, the acquisition of skilled employees has become one of the top priorities and great challenges for organizations. More than ever it is necessary for organizations to recruit proactively by analyzing corporate goals and their associated competency requirements while predicting headcount growth patterns.

SunFish HR systematizes the recruitment process, establishing all the important steps and activities that an effective and strategically relevant recruitment cycle should consist of. These include: manpower planning, job definitions and requirements, advertising, posting on internet, definition of selection procedures, applicant data collection, automated filtering, talent assessment and selection processing.

Hired applicants are then passed through induction and process control. Embedded recruitment workflow processing ensures that hiring managers have a deeper level of contribution to the hiring process while still complying with hiring best practices monitored by HR staff.

Some Feature Highlights

Man Power Planning & Recruitment

SunFish HR allows the HR administrator to plan training for the SunFish HR allows for the recruitment process to start with the creation of manpower plans that predict recruiting levels and times. Manpower plans can be created based on input from department managers, staff supervisors and HR professionals. Once approved, the recruitment process can be initiated based on manpower plans but also, optionally, can occur out of other circumstances such as urgent replacement needs.

Applicant Tracker

SunFish HR supports both training budgeting for each position All the received applicant data are available in SunFish HR for a desired period of time based on the company policy; as a result, this data can be used for the next recruitment process or to guard against multiple applications by a single person. This feature also allows users to search applicants based on different job or personal criteria and to find out how well applicants are qualified for applied positions (in terms of competency match, education, experience, etc.)

Online Recruitment

This feature provides a standard online recruitment website which can be integrated to your corporate website or hosted by us and is linked to the Recruitment module. Positions made available for hiring in the Recruitment module will appear automatically in the Online Recruitment website where applicants can register for an account and apply for the desired position. All the data inputted into the website will be downloaded to and managed within Recruitment module.  Authorized users review and filter the data for relevance to start the recruitment process within the SunFish module.  You can see a Demo version of the Recruitment website here. Recruitment Site

Selection Filtering

The module alows the definition of different types of selection steps that applicants have to complete during the hiring cycle. Different individuals can be tasked with reviewing and evaluating applicants in order to have sufficient input from all organizational levels prior to making a hiring decision. An ‘initial filter’ function lets users conveniently remove all applicants that do not meet very basic requirements and will not be invited for testing or inerviews.

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