SDP launches SUNFISH Workplaze, an Innovative HR solution

I have full confidence in SunFish Workplaze. With the help of our innovative technology, enterprises will get a competitive advantage and be able to progress. “The world is changing swiftly” and “businesses must innovate or be left behind” are recurring themes. It takes a competent leader to recognize these changes and direct teams accordingly. Our flexible solutions can help organizations achieve that and give them the agility to go forward.

Dear Partners,

Choosing an HRIS partner is a crucial choice that will probably have an ongoing effect on your organization for years to come. That choice weighs heavily on my mind, which motivates myself and SunFish DataOn Philippines Team to give our best in every engagement. We don’t make a pitch to start a conversation. Instead, we take the time to hear about your requirements, aspirations, and business objectives—yes, even the difficulties you are facing with your HR systems and procedures! Our team has been providing pro-active and reliable HR solutions, learning from, and progressing alongside our clients. That experience comes with patience, knowledge, and a strong toolset that provides smart and flexible solutions to match the needs of evolving enterprises.

If there is something that we have learned from the past years of uncertainty, it was a lesson in how resilient we are as an organization. It showed us that we can continue to provide our HRIS services with excellence and go above and beyond to deliver new, innovative solutions that enable greater access and intelligence to the items our clients entrust us to store for them – all at speed and scale to meet their short and long-term needs. We have the chance to assist our clients with their digital transformation and provide solutions that are in line with the evolving nature of how business will be conducted in the post-pandemic era.

It requires a lot of courage to advance, to make changes, or to follow a new course of action. Our cutting-edge, smart SunFish Workplaze solutions give your enterprise the tools it needs to progress and shape its future.

As we progress into the future together, you must understand that every client and employee is a crucial part of our success. With each engagement, we strengthen our foundation of trust by finding new and innovative methods to deliver our promises.

Your WORKPLAZE’s Partner,

Sri Coles

CEO, SunFish DataOn Philippines

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