SunFish DataOn PH Secures 3rd Spot in Statista’s 2024 Growth Champion List

In an exciting development, SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc. proudly announces its recognition as the Philippines’ Growth Champion 2024, attaining the 3rd position on a prominent list compiled by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista. This accomplishment marks a significant advancement as we strive to become a leading HRIS and Payroll provider in the Philippines.

Established in 2018, SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc. has quickly risen as a key player in HRIS and Payroll solutions within the country. Our goal is to be the top choice for businesses seeking comprehensive and efficient human resource management solutions.

With a team of over 100 employees, we are honored to serve more than 300 clients with our innovative HRIS solutions. At SunFish DataOn PH, we are dedicated to delivering HR solutions, building relationships, and enabling success for our clients.

Our growth strategies are centered on offering unparalleled HRIS support. We provide a team of committed account managers and application maintenance support professionals available to assist our clients. Our commitment extends beyond providing HR solutions; we aim to be strategic partners on our clients’ growth paths. SunFish DataOn PH offers two primary HR solutions – GreatDay HR for SMEs with basic HR needs and SunFish Workplaze for large enterprises with complex HR requirements.

Despite recent challenges, our commitment remains unwavering. SunFish DataOn PH embraces remote work and collaboration, utilizing online platforms for product demonstrations and consultations. Our adaptability ensures we meet our clients evolving needs in a constantly changing business environment.

At the heart of SunFish DataOn PH’s philosophy is the belief that aiding our clients’ growth involves more than merely offering solutions; it’s about empowering them to manage their human resources digitally adeptly. Our mission is to drive this digital transformation, streamlining and enhancing HR processes. Being ranked 3rd in the list of Philippine Growth Champions 2024 for the first time is a clear demonstration of our continuous dedication to excellence. SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc. is committed to providing businesses with advanced HR solutions and unwavering support. We are thankful to our clients, partners, and the entire SunFish DataOn PH team for their contributions to this accomplishment. You can view the complete list of companies recognized in the Philippine Growth Champion 2024 on

Experience the impact of our HR solutions. Discover GreatDay HR, the top HRIS platform for Philippine SMEs, and SunFish Workplaze, offering comprehensive HRIS solutions for large enterprises. Enhance your HR operations with SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc.

The selection process for Statista Philippines Growth Champions 2024:

Companies were notified about the project via online and print advertisements. Qualified companies registered through the website developed by Statista and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. By examining company profiles and performance data, Statista and the Philippine Daily Inquirer specifically selected and invited multiple companies, such as SunFish DataOn Philippines, Inc., to participate in the competition. Invitations were sent through email, LinkedIn, and phone calls.

To qualify for the competition, companies must have these attributes:

Revenue of at least ₱5,000,000 generated in 2019
Revenue of at least ₱30,000,000 generated in 2022
The company is largely independent in making decisions and creating sales without major inputs from a parent company or subsidiaries
The company is headquartered in the Philippines
The revenue was generated organically between 2019 and 2022

Statista has verified all the figures and other data that were submitted by the participating companies.

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  • GreatDay HR: Simple HR solutions tailored for SMEs with user-friendly features.
  • GreatDay HR Pro: Flexible HR management designed for smaller companies with complex policies.
  • SunFish Workplaze: Robust HR capabilities catered for large enterprises, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

You can also explore our services:

  • Managed Payroll Services: Outsourced payroll that simplifies complexities, ensuring accuracy and compliance, so you can focus on growth.”