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Systems Integration Architect Sr. Specialist, this role will be key in new and existing integrations of the SunFish HRIS with any 3rd party applications. This role will be part of the Implementation Technical Team in providing integration services through,
– Solutioning by working with Sales and client in determining the best approach,
– Technical Project Management by means of Hybrid or Waterfall Methodology –
Monitoring and Reporting,
– Configuring and Development by means of customizing existing and/ or building
from scratch,
– Deployment and Support from building to Live projects.
This role requires strong collaboration with potential or existing client’s stakeholders,
implementation/delivery team and SunFish Functional/Technical Subject Matter Experts.


Understand the technical capabilities of the SunFish HRIS
▪ High-level Infrastructure
▪ Application Integration and Capabilities
▪ Participate and leads in technical discussion during pre-sales phase to analyze the requirements and share best practices.
▪ Assess, Estimate, Coordinate Resource and Capacity Plan
▪ Creation of Technical Work Plan and coordinate with the Functional Work Plan
▪ Monitor and Report tasks based on methodology
▪ Learn and Implement API’s to deliver and automate the functionality based on client’s requirements.
▪ Work closely with the cross functional team and with DataOn Software Development team on any features build required.
▪ Accountable for implementation, documentation and integration of a variety of software or application platforms.
▪ Actively participate in technical design discussions and help to finalize the decision making with Senior Leadership team.
▪ Provide implementation solutions using patterns, guidelines, and framework.
▪ Provides coaching and direction to the Junior Systems Integration team member by coordinating the work of analysis and DataOn Team on development of API.
▪ Develops and manages effective collaborative relationships with other departments, groups, peers and DataOn counterpart.
▪ Facilitates cross-team/train learnings, communications, and alignment
▪ Own creation and deployment of API led design strategy, API usage framework, and project team API enablement guidance as a core member of the technical team.
▪ Implement common APIs based on architecture guidelines and framework related to logging, authentication, security, error recovery, etc.
▪ Lead teams in data mapping, working closely with requirement analytics, developers, testers, and the client in an agile implementation practice.


▪ Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering or Information Technology or related studies or at least 5+ years of technology experience
▪ Ability to leverage breadth of experience and knowledge to architect and design solutions.
▪ Knowledge about API design standards, patterns and best practices especially in RESTful transactions, JSON formatted messages, Service Oriented Architecture, XML formatted messages
▪ Deep knowledge and hands-on experience in API security standards and implementation (Oauth, LDAP, SAML)
▪ Multi Database experience object (SQL server – mySQL, Maria DB)
▪ Strong coding skills, problem solving and troubleshooting
▪ Ability to comprehend strategy, and processes of the business applications along with the delivery team strategy.

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