SunFish Workplaze Talent Management

Keep everyone on the same page

Great and productive work cannot be accomplished without a team. It starts with hiring the right mix of talents and continues in knowing that great workers want to learn, increase their skills, advance, and have more impact on the organization. SunFish Workplaze’s modern Talent Management solutions create a collaborative environment that supports producing the best output from peoples’ talents and allows them to become the best they are capable of becoming.

Feature Highlights

Focus on communication and development of your workforce from recruitment through to retirement, and help build a stable, engaged and high performing workforce. Empower employees and managers alike to define, continuously monitor and revise goals, development plans, and achievements to create a culture of continuous improvement and growth throughout the organization.

Drive your organization’s HR capability through SunFish WorkPlaze’s outcome-oriented talent management solutions.

Align employee activity output with corporate objectives

  • Easy-to-setup performance plans to monitor output
  • Multi-dimensional evaluation process and benchmarking against a set of defined standards
  • Use OKR to define and track measurable results 
  • Link OKR results as a basis for performance
  • Elevate data for ongoing growth conversation
  • Build continuous calibration to ensure relevant data
  • Make development a guaranteed outcome of evaluations
  • Build a succession pipeline for critical positions

Tailored development plans

  • Learner-focused, tailored to growth plans
  • Performance results as identifier of development areas
  • Auto recommended training plans based on competency scoring and career planning
  • Alternate career option recommendation
  • Auto generate suggested promotions from job family level, or configure standard paths for positions
  • Support employees self selection of career plans while being transparent with requirements

Engage and personalize

  • From setting performance targets, OKR, to check in with progress updates and feedback, employees are integrated in the process and encouraged to collaborate and communicate
  • Identify competency, skill gaps
  • Help employees plan their career – with you
  • Tailor career progression pathways relevant to each employee
  • Incorporate different development methods: coaching, job rotation, on-the-job training, etc.
  • Create transparency in salary increments

Strengthening Management Capabilities

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