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SunFish Workplaze is designed to meet the needs of organizations across all stages of human capital technology maturity. The modular design and customizability makes implementations of all shapes and sizes easy.

Well designed, easy to operate, inexpensive to maintain and growing with evolving business needs

Since the beginning our applications have been built based on a “factory floor” for creating web-based applications meaning that it takes:

  • existing platforms (O/S, database, web server)
  • legacy applications (existing programs and specific applications), and
    runs them together with Workplaze Modules (existing Humanica – DataOn modules, partner modules, customized modules) to allow organizations to make a complete online application such as WAP, web, XML, SMS, API

The SunFish Workplaze system is a high-level application platform, a library of modular applications and a web-based software
development kit. Producing a complete web system.  SunFish Workplaze allows organizations to quickly rollout a solution that meets their current needs while maintaining flexibility to expand the system as future needs arise.

Modern Architecture

The first layer includes hosting and integration platforms. This layer controls a wide variety of hosting platforms and third party integrations.

The second layer consists of a modularized infrastructure, administration functions, development platform and development tools. The former ones set and control all applications in SunFish Workplaze , while the latter one provides an environment for developers to create or enhance the Workplaze applications.
The development platform handles system administration as well as a flexible structure for project planning, which results in great time saving as well as a stable platform.
The platform included role-based security, data archiving, workflow management, multi-language and Help file management, and the Report builder to enhance the system’s functionality.

The third layer features several types of core web processing components, which are provided by Humanica or partner companies. They provide back-end processing and are included with the modules installed to SunFish Workplaze.

The top layer features the seamless integration of application modules currently available in the SunFish Workplaze application library, which allows to greatly reduce the time to completion. Aside from available modules, this includes custom developments produced by DataOn and development partners, so the library is continually updated and increasing.

Uncompromising Standards

While providing as much flexibility as possible, our applications never compromise on the following standards:


SunFish Workplaze incorporates a complex security framework based on granular function and role-based security matrix. This framework allows the definition of security for all participants across every system application.

The security matrix verifies all requests to the administration site before granting access to the system. Additionally, SunFish Workplaze implements security features provided by application servers, databases OS and web servers


SunFish Workplaze is highly tested and used by many organizations – both private and public. It works together with most industry leading hardware platforms and operating systems, databases and web servers to allow organizations the flexibility of combining the desired components while achieving the level of stability the operations require.


Many applications begin small but grow rapidly. Business must prepare for potentially exponential growth but initial cost for software and hardware must be minimized.

SunFish is built on a multi-threaded cluster ready platform. The clustered hosting environment consists of a sophisticated set up of services and processors to boost performance. Additional CPUs and servers can be linked together with the incorporation of a variety of load balancing strategies.


SunFish Workplaze provides a wide array of modular applications through the SLA so that organizations are still able to custom develop platform integrated applications and interface with their existing legacy applications. The SDK allows organizations or their outsourced development providers to custom develop modules for their specific needs.

For organizations with existing systems or databases, standard interfaces are available through ODBC, JDBC and XML to provide integration and if a standard interface cannot meet the requirements. SunFish also allows development of customized interfaces based on API open standards.

SunFish Workplaze’s architecture is designed to empower rapid, economical development, time effective implementation and management of comprehensive, powerful Internet solutions based on the latest technological advancements.

SunFish Workplaze is Flexible, Intelligent and Secure !

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