Time – Attendance – Scheduling Management

It is one of the most basics functions of the HR department; who works when and for how long. It is a simple task at its core but made complex by sheer volume. Effective attendance tracking and scheduling is important not only to the company seeking productivity but also to the employee’s compensation.

SunFish HR offers a full-featured Scheduling and Attendance Module that is flexible to accommodate every imaginable scheduling demand yet powerful enough to tackle even the largest of organizations. The Scheduling sub-module provides for an unlimited number of shifts, schedules, groups, divisions, locations and employees. Moreover, on-the-fly real-time adjustments allow for the uncertainties of daily life either resulting in one-off events or permanent adjustments. The data collected in SunFish is integrated with the Payroll and Tax Module as well as the Performance Management Module to provide insight to efficiency and productivity.

Features Highlights

Status Management

SunFish HR status management allows tracking of employee attendance status related data such as overtime, employee leaves, sickness, travel, etc.  This data can be recorded by a user, or employees with self-service access can make requests.  Status management includes the ability to configure rules such as the type and number of leave and permit days allowed per year, overtime formulas, set up of attendance machines, etc.

Scheduling & Attendance

Scheduling in SunFish HR allows the generation of employee work schedules on either a recurring standard basis or using a periodic rostering process. The scheduling functionality also allows employees to record working times, or can be integrated with external attendance devices such as barcode, magnetic card, fingerprint, thumbprint, etc. When employees login with these devices, SunFish HR will capture this information and store it to the system database to offer more sophisticated employee tracking.

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