Tough Times for Employees and HR

During this pandemic, many employees are being laid off or put on a floating status. This is a life changing stressful experience for many. It is also extremely hard for the HR department to perform this task. Emotions always run high at times like this.

Many of our client companies have made a full change to their business direction and this has helped to stay alive and, in some cases, to thrive. It is a credit to them as their employees have retained their job and are happy to embrace the changes.

We at SunFish DataOn do not have the answer on how to make this less stressful, but we do have a solution that may make it possible to still retain and have productive employees in these challenging times.

With our HRIS, we have made many enhancements to allow companies to adapt to these difficult times. For example, you can monitor and give tasks to employees while they are working from home either in a partial capacity or full time. These tasks can be measured by supervisors. All this can be from a computer or our GreatDay mobile app.

With our Geo Tagging, Geo Fencing, Geo Tracking and facial recognition features, you can be sure your employees are where they are supposed to be when they do their T&A and during the day.

We also include a social chat system for internal company use. This allows for group or individual chats amongst employees to help with that feeling of isolation we may experience while not in the office.

In the first week of the pandemic, we made our Biometric Kiosk totally touchless allowing for the safe recording of T&A for your employees. We then released the world leading Biometric system ITC which also records temperature and allows for pre-registration of visitors and maintaining control of the number of people in the office or building. It also includes alerts to HR and Security for high temp situations etc. The software we built for this is taking off across ASEAN. Learn more about our Biometrics

Managing your Payroll while working from home is always going to be a challenge. SunFish also offers a fully Managed Payroll System to help you overcome this problem.

To learn more about these and other features that may help your company adapt and thrive, look at our  SunFish HCM

If you are not a large organization, we also offer our GreatDayHR solution with all these features as well.

You may want to explore our HRIS platforms. 

  • GreatDay HR: Simple HR solutions tailored for SMEs with user-friendly features.
  • GreatDay HR Pro: Flexible HR management designed for smaller companies with complex policies.
  • SunFish Workplaze: Robust HR capabilities catered for large enterprises, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

You can also explore our services:

  • Managed Payroll Services: Outsourced payroll that simplifies complexities, ensuring accuracy and compliance, so you can focus on growth.”