SunFish Workplaze Training

Prepare your workforce to be ready for the future

Promote a culture of continuous learning and development supportive of employees’ up-skilling and reskilling wishes; and thus, not only foster their professional growth but also meet the dynamic and ever changing demands of the business ecosystem.

Feature Highlights

Stay on top of employee learning with SunFish Workplaze’s fully integrated Training Module that enhances efficiency with easy to use, accurate planning, program placement and selection. Mapping training needs with targets, personal goals, or preferences combined with a personalized, relevant, hassle-free learning experience allows to make training an integral part of the employee’s daily work routine for a more engaged and connected workforce.

Manage all internal and external training courses while ensuring training is promoted to those who need it and employees are aware of the syllabus / prerequisites prior to attending.
From training approvals to participant registration, date scheduling, locations, sessions and agenda – lessen the admin burden through automation and ESS for requests and feedbacks.
Ensure that training budgets are effectively deployed – from being utilized by the right people at the right time to evaluating that they meet outcome expectations.
Use feedback and post training evaluation data to compare cost vs impact of training to promote courses with desired results.
Improve access to training programs and knowledge sharing via and optimize cost of training employees by delivering an engaging and interactive virtual learning platform that’s accessible anywhere, anytime.

Support both job-critical skill development and personal preferences for learning opportunities to cultivate internal agility, interest, and growth.

Tight Coupling with Performance Management

  • Map training courses to your organization’s competency library
  • Use Performance Management results, Succession and career path planning to auto populate and recommend employee relevant training and learning programs
  • Reduce time spent on analyzing training needs
  • Map training to IDPs and employee growth goals
  • Flexible accommodate upskilling and reskilling wishes

Support your business needs

  • Increase employee skills faster
  • Create an agile workforce that can keep up with business changes 
  • Provide more cross training opportunities
  • Blend onsite, online and elearning
  • Reduce external training costs
  • Compare program cost vs. effectiveness to focus on impactful courses

Engaging, Interactive Virtual Learning

  • Deliver new ways of relevant learning content that can be integrated with employee’s daily work routines and as such makes them accessible whenever they need them
  • Deploy a variety of content formats from file based, webinar to video in group or self- learning settings for an effective and fun learning experience 
  • Track learning progress and ensure materials are absorbed via tests and interactive questions
  • Gather insight into course effectiveness via employee feedback and surveys

Enabling Personalized Performance and Training Management

“I am happy with the services delivered by each of the group who takes care of our account. They are prompt in answering my queries and have been very patient. We always have a good working relationship with SunFish Team and wanted to commend them in always guiding and assisting us anytime we need them, they are just one chat or one call away. SunFish DataOn PH have a great team. :)”

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