Coronavirus Containment

Coronavirus containment might be more serious and take more time to recover from than we expected. While the world is fighting this raging pandemic, it forces economies to slow down. We at SunFish DataOn Philippines predict that companies operating in these difficult times are not going to be able to go back to “Business as Usual” when this lockdown is lifted or modified.

Governments and business leaders around the world are already talking 6 – 18 months before we can interact freely again. Business and Life as we knew it has gone and things will never be the same again in the foreseeable future.

Is this true or false?

Is this good or bad?

Our future depends on what the “New World” evolves into and how we shape, cope and adjust to this new environment. Staying at home, distancing ourselves, and self-quarantining are the most important orders that we all need to obey today. In normal times, those orders would really be the cause of “Economic Downfalls”, but now it’s not the time to choose but to do it.

Saving lives or saving money? Before you answer that question, remember, there will be no growing business without a healthy population for most industries.

We at SunFish DataOn Philippines are proud that our HRIS programs SunFish HCM and GreatDay HR have helped our partners to adjust and have business continuity during these difficult times.  Especially with the WFH scheme and payroll processing, but this is not enough.

Part of our thinking well prior to the lockdown was that our partners are evolving and developing a more mobile – remote workforce.  This was part of the reason for developing our GreatDay HR Mobile App as our Employee Self Service (ESS), back in 2017 and as a full standalone HRIS in 2019 for SMEs.  This app has been one of the reasons our clients have been successful in getting through this lockdown so far.

However, we all need to evolve further and faster in these times.  To assist in this, we have the Development Team working hard on several new features that we will add to our programs to make this transition better for our clients.  Some of these are very innovative and exciting. (Sorry but I cannot share yet)

But we need your help to be even better!

While our BCP did not allow for a pandemic specifically, we had allowed for a total WFH scenario due to force majeure.  Did your company have a plan in place and if so, how could it be improved on?

We are hoping to call on business owners and HR leaders to help guide us all in this time of evolution.  Please email us any thoughts or ideas you have that you think would make your business better or your HR role more supportive of your clients and company.

Hopefully we can incorporate some of your ideas into our developments, which will help us all into this new future!

We will also credit and share these ideas in a future blog so that we can all benefit from the HIVE.

Please email your thoughts and ideas to ideas@dataon.ph

To see what we currently offer, look at https://dataon.ph

Stay safe and thank you to everyone who makes staying home possible.

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