Why SunFish HCM

2000 + Companies with 2 million + users trusting SunFish HCM

SunFish HCM by DataOn is now in the Philippines. The local office, SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc., provides sales, implementation and support for our fast-growing SunFish HCM SaaS client base in the Philippines. We employ SunFish certified Philippine staff for our operations here and abroad.

We have appointed Ms. Sri Coles, who has a deep domain HR expertise with more than 20 years in multi-national and local companies as the CEO. This means we understand the needs of your HR and IT Departments and we make our software work to fulfil their needs, not the other way around. This claim is supported by our 200+ developers in ASEAN who are continually enhancing this program.

SunFish SaaS has one of the most extensive fully Integrated HCM solutions available in the market today. No need to import or export files to other programs to achieve the best results. This includes payroll, time keeping, workforce, talent, recruitment, learning, E-Learning, analytics, performance management and much more. We also offer comprehensive Analytics functions that can work across all your data.

Our World Class Data Security means you can have total peace of mind that your data is protected and fully encrypted in our Tier 3 data centres.

SunFish HCM SaaS is available as a cloud-based service (SaaS) or an on-premise version. We can also host your on-premise version on our cloud. There are many ways to use our software that will work for your organisation.

The SunFish HCM solution is different from other HRIS programs as we continually update this program to suit local Filipino laws and requirements at no charge to our subscribers. We also provide at no charge to our clients all general enhancements and updates. So, you have a FUTURE PROOFED HR system.

Since 1999, DataOn has developed the SunFish HR Business Application Platform independently in-house. We have continuously invested heavily in our technology because we have “bet the house” on our own system. We believe we can and do provide the best possible solution as we built the system from the ground up and have access to all areas of the solution.

SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. does not implement third party programs to enhance our program, so we do not have to subsidise more expensive programs with our SunFish HCM. These savings stay in our client’s pockets.

SunFish HR SaaS has won many awards in Asia and has been fully localised for many countries in Asia including Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

This localization, our belief and dedication in our technology has yielded fruit. We have over 2000 dedicated clients in ASEAN with more than 2 million employee records and this family continues to grow.

SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. complies with the Philippine Republic Act No. 10173 protecting all forms of information, be it private, personal, or sensitive.

This makes SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. the “Number 1 Company” of choice for those organization who operate successfully in ASEAN and who require a World Class HCM.