Finance & Accounting Services (FAS)

Comprehensive Finance & Accounting outsourcing services by Humanica to help you focus on your core business growth.

More than just an Accounting Firm
We position ourselves as your business partner in managing your Accounting, Finance, and Tax transactions. We help reduce the complicated administrative burden, to help you grow and run your business as efficiently as possible.
Our Scope of Services

Accounting Services

Our Accounting Services include transaction entry and review, monthly account closing and reports, and year-end closing. We also provide consultation on budget preparation and performance monitoring tools to ensure that our clients always have sufficient information and insights to improve performance.

Financial Services

We provide integrated Financial Services to our clients by connect- ing our payment system with major internet banking services.
This financial system is secured with Global Security Standards, ensuring speed and efficiency. This will help reduce your standby cash in your bank accounts.

Taxation Services

We help manage Tax transactions correctly, ensuring compliance with the fast-changing government rules and regulations.
The Taxation Services include withholding tax, value added tax, and corporate income tax (half-year and year-end).
Best-in-class Accounting Services

“Accuracy” is Our Top Priority.

Our team of experts operate and serve with absolute accuracy in mind, utilizing our leading standard processes to help minimize any error.

Modern Accounting Process

Our modern processes & Accounting system are developed to ensure absolute accuracy, and the best accounting practices.

Legal Experts

Our team of experts are always up to date with tax and regulation changes. Stay risk free and compliant by outsourcing your accounting tasks with Humanica.

Advice from Our Professionals

Our team is always standing by to give advice on your issues and concerns, as well as helping you prepare primary accounting documentation


Reduce overall costs of setting up your Accounting, Finance, HR, and IT teams. Outsource these tedious tasks to the experts.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

We have risk protection for your accounting and financial activities, which covers financial losses, negligent acts, and errors.

High Standards & Responsibility

With our leading standard practices, we ensure that tasks are always completed on time and of the highest quality.

Multi-Channel Contact Support

Stay in touch with our team conveniently through your channel of choice: phone call, email, or your personal LINE group.
Accounting System Design & Setup

A Quality Accounting System is the Key for Business Growth

Accounting systems are a core function for every organization. Laying down the foundations for a quality Accounting System will help drive any business’ growth.

  • Systematically store accounting & finance data and reports.
  • Operate accounting works easier and faster.
  • Reduce work and process redundancies.
  • Eliminate errors in all data preparation processes for efficient business operations.

Multi-Channel Contact Support

We’re entrusted by clients to build a strong foundation with the right accounting system.

  • We serve you with our in-depth knowledge and experience of successful accounting system setup.
  • We help consult, advise, and execute to make your accounting system as efficient as possible.
  • Avoid the trial-and-error process in finding a good and consistent accounting system.
  • You will get a quality accounting system, enabling effective operations and growth

It takes courage to move forward, to implement changes or lead into a new direction. We support you to take the next step.

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