Benefits Management

Move from traditional benefits administration to personalized employee benefits

Today’s employees value benefits packages as much as their salaries given their advantages and flexibility for them and their families. As such benefits have become a differentiator in organization’s employee value propositions. Workplaze’s Payroll- integrated Benefits module drives an exceptional administration experience for both employees and HR.

Feature Highlights

Extend the traditional variety of employee benefits by integrating cash advances, Top up & Bill, Bank Transfers and EWA.
Workplaze helps your HRD to set up and manage customizable benefits’ programs. Configure a variety of internal or external benefits options with eligibility, enrollment, and approval rules in compliance with policies and regulations while working seamlessly with other modules such as payroll.
Manage the travel booking process – from setting variable’s based budgets; to approving bookings, and processing and reconciling cash advances. Via ESS employees may request cash advances which are later offset against their real expenses. Tie to Payroll or not, whichever option serves your company’s needs the best.
Extend loan benefits to employees as part of your organization’s employee welfare proposition.Set up different loan programs including the parameters and rules related to the lending process.
Via the Benefits app, companies can offer an Earned Wage Access program. EWA gives employees access to the salary they are entitled to according to the number of working days. They can withdraw it before the payday to fund emergencies or daily needs without having to wait.

Give employees access to their salary when facing an emergency and allow them an early withdrawal on their salary in real-time. Connect advances automatically to the payroll system for deduction while keeping a record of each transaction.

Provide more tools to simplify your busy employees’ financial administration. Paying bills, Topping up credits as well as multibank transfer are practical features our mobile benefits app provides, that are easy to implement and make life significantly easier for employees.
Administer claims, loans and other benefits easily through automation and integration to third party providers

Employee Support

  • Help employees manage their finances
  • Reduce stress from BNPL and high interest loans
  • Process benefits claims faster
  • Provide better fit insurance options
  • Easy access to expenses and efficient request and processing flow
  • Balance and usage summaries for transparency
  • Offer Flexible Benefits programs

Compliance and Control

  • Automate all steps in the benefits cycle – from request to payment and reduce time & cost for handling claims/ loans
  • Ensure fast disbursement while improving transparency and accuracy by automatically following predefined rules
  • Integration with payroll system for control and transparency of the loan and claims process
  • Employees claims process for themselves or family members always comply to latest policy
  • Built-in analytics and reports for higher visibility into spending areas and better cost control

Flexible & Integrated

  • Hassle-Free Benefits Process
  • Easily configure a broad variety of benefits and loan schemes
  • Set budget limits and eligibility rules on job grade/level or other parameters
  • Includes Dependants and Beneficiary set ups
  • Cater to unique employee circumstances
  • Seamless integration with Payroll module
  • Employee, Insurance, Loan and other benefits data in one platform
“Previously, we always ran the Payroll management manually, so we had to be extra careful in making sure the calculations and numbers were correct. That took a lot of time. Now, with Workplaze all the formulas have been implemented once and since then automated the whole process. That makes Workplaze very helpful and it delivers the results that we wanted.”

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