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Visa and Work Permit Service and Company Registration Services

Why Humanica?
As a visa expert, we know how to make your visa and work permit processes more convenient and faster than ever before. From our legal specialty, we provide you all quality steps from consultation, required documents preparation, to your visa & work permit approval.
Convenient, One-Stop Expatriate Services

HUMANICA provides one stop services for foreigners who are looking to start a business or start working in Thailand.

VISA Application & Extension

Work Permit for Foreigners

Work VISA Conversion

Let HUMANICA be the Operator for Fast and Accurate Quality of Work

As professional service providers, we know how to make your visa and work permit process more convenient and faster than ever. We will support you from the process of preparing required documents through to approval of your visa and work permit.

We guarantee our service quality and standards from distinct experiences. We have knowledge on essential document preparation and end-to-end Visa processes. We are ready to give you advice and respond to any issues instantly.

Company Registration Services

Set up your business smoothly with Humanica’s team of professionals. Humanica helps businesses simplifies the company registration process, less hassle and eliminating any risk of error, enabling you to launch your new business effectively and worry-free.
How to Prepare for A Visa and Work Permit in Thailand ?

In applying for Working Visa and Work Permit in Thailand, there are basic requirements and conditions which everyone has to follow, however, the process required time in order to self-process.

  • The company must paid-up capital of at least 2 million Baht and must have a ratio of 4 Thai employees to 1 foreigner employee.
  • Foreigner employee must not be a restricted person.
  • The profession must not be a prohibited occupation and must require a need for employment.
  • Foreigners will receive a temporary visa and are temporarily subjected to surveillance
  • The rest, Humanica will be the one taking care of it for you

Start Off Strong with Humanica

Every first step in the company registration process is an important step to take. We simplify these steps and will help you complete your registration process faster and without any risk and error, enabling you to launch your new business effectively
Our Scope of Services

Company Registration Service

  • Registration of Limited Company, Public Company, Limited Partnership in Thailand.
  • Conversion of Private Company to Public Company.
  • Increasing & decreasing company capital.
  • Registration Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  • Registration of transformation and dissolution of a registered partnership.

VAT & Specific Business Tax Registration

  • VAT and specific business tax registration
  • Registration for changes in value-added tax items and specific business tax
  • Registration for VAT and specific business tax cancellation.

Social Security Work and Workmen’s Compensation Fund

  • Employer and the insured person/employee registration.
  • Employer and employee correction requests.

Trademark & Service Mark Registration

  • Trademarks & Service Marks Registration.
  • Copyright Registration.
  • Renew Trademarks & Service Marks.

Additional Services to meet all of your needs

  • E-commerce services.
  • Thailand business licenses.
  • Investment Promotion Application (BOI).
  • Thailand Foreign Business License (FBL).
  • Permission to Authenticate Electronic Evidence.
  • Signboard installation, change and cancellation to pay.

Professional Company Registration Services with Humanica

  • Consult on preparing the application and supporting documents for registration processes.
  • Check to ensure documents’ quality and compliance before submitting the registration.
  • Proceed and perform every registration step accurately and quickly.
  • Track the status of your business registration.
  • Get quality work, enabling businesses to run transactions successfully.

It takes courage to move forward, to implement changes or lead into a new direction. We support you to take the next step.

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