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Transition to the Work-Life Digital Platform with our world-class B2B2E solution that helps employees work better AND happier. Because great people practice makes great businesses.

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SunFish Workplaze is a state-of the art HR solution that reframes the focus to employee-centricity. In a reality where new paradigms challenge our traditional concepts of work relationships and employment, HR must serve as a platform. A platform to leverage HR data that fuels the continuous growth of your business and the people who shape its future, but also delivers an access point to a range of meaningful employee services.

The smartest and most effective way to take your HR to the next level

SunFish Workplaze is designed to meet the needs of organizations across all stages of human capital technology maturity. The modular design and customizability makes implementations of all shapes and sizes easy.


Move the basics of human capital management from outdated systems of records to a digital workplace administration.
A single source of truth for employee data that enables strategic decision making for the business and the people that shape it
A single sourcVisualize, manage and communicate organization’s structure from different angles to all stakeholderse of truth for employee data that enables strategic decision making for the business and the people that shape it
Manage complex payroll and tax compliance requirements with step by step assistance and completion tracking in 24/7 accessible self-service payroll portal
Manage everybody’s time productively. Automate repetitive tasks, integrate calendars and emails for more flexibility and better communication, and link timesheets with payroll & performance
Reduce mistakes and unattended transactions while maximizing overall process efficiency with a highly configurable workflow engine


Adopt new ways of HR service delivery and enable self-service HR to create a better employee experience
Give your employees an active internal platform that accommodates their lifestyles: mobile, flexible, connected, rewarding, and evolving with them.
Extend the traditional variety of employee benefits by integrating cash advances, Top up & Bill, Bank Transfers and EWA.
Personalize loan benefits to employees. Cater to their unique circumstances while tracking and managing different loan schemes hassle-free and integrated with payroll


Drive strategic workforce planning and talent management Introduce next-generation performance management to support hybrid working and a gig economy
Create a culture of learning by focusing on reskilling and upskilling
Proactively analyze existing workforce insight to project future manpower demand required to achieve organizational goals
Seamlessly track and process applicants through various stages from requisition to job offer and deliver a high quality experience for candidates via our Online platform
Track and evaluate your employees’ performances and targets with easy-to-setup plans and benchmarking and leverage the results for a continuous conversation about their growth
Support employees’ up-skilling and reskilling wishes and foster their professional growth by developing career progression pathways tailored to their needs


Create a flexible workforce with agile project management and new career pathways for agile teams
Build a data-driven understanding of the organization’s health with real-time people analytics
Give managers, employees and peers a framework to collaborate on overall objectives and to break them down to measurable key result targets whose achievement can be reported and tracked
One-stop solution for tracking, monitoring and managing the progress of various ongoing projects and capacity planning for future projects
Position your organization’s Compensation & Benefits policies as a differentiator in the talent marketplace

Southeast Asia’s leading B2B2E HR Platform

While most HCM software has a managerial focus, Workplaze was designed to cater to the interests and needs of all stakeholders in the organization when interacting with HR software. Only when you have technology that everyone loves to use will software adaption be successfully driven across the company. WE HAVE THAT TECH – a modern app-style work-life platform firmly rooted in a B2B2E set-up that helps all employees to work better AND happier and will lead your transformation into the future of work!

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