Employee Experience with HR

Employee Experience (EX), simply put, refers to everything an employee encounters in reference to his employer and employment: from job application, to hiring, to on-boarding, to off-boarding; and everything in between, and even beyond.

A good Employee Experience translates to both employee and organization success.  HR, being the “Employee Champion,” is instrumental in driving Employee Experience.  And one powerful tool that can help achieve this is having the right HRIS.

How does having the best HRIS technology help drive the best Employee Experience?  Here are three (3) ways:

  • Reliable Data

The right HRIS technology can help generate relevant data that can be further studied to drive a lot of employee initiatives.  For example: high absenteeism can suggest launching a health and wellness program.  A spike in loan applications can signal that a financial literacy program may be welcomed.  Performance Management data is a rich source as to the training needs and leadership development gaps of employees.  Through these data, HR can analyse trends and patterns on employee behaviors and needs, which may be further evaluated to drive programs and initiate tools that can be of help and add value.

  • Efficient Workflows

One of the visible advantages of a good HRIS is that processes that used to require several steps have been streamlined significantly resulting in reduced turnaround time.  Automated processes also allow for better output (e.g. accuracy, presentation, etc.), and provides data that may be used unlimitedly for various HR areas.  Getting the results you need within the fastest turnaround time possible surely always provides a pleasant experience.

  • Empowered Employees

In all stages of life, learning by doing is a time-proven principle – and consequently provides a sense of fulfilment and purpose.  HRIS provides opportunities for employees to be involved and to be hands-on with processes that directly affect them, increasing their ownership and accountability.  Such a tool allows them to take charge of their basic and strategic HR needs especially when it comes to career development.  From having direct access to their payslips for their own tracking, to taking advantage of available online trainings, to ensuring alignment of employee goals to that of the business, to taking action on performance gaps and feedback received.  The employee is equipped to take an active part in his/her journey within the organization.

HR and the business, as in all areas, should be partners in delivering the best experience for its employees.  And finding the right tools is a key step to achieving this milestone.  A great Employee Experience is one legacy that will define your employees’ journey and that of your organization.

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